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About Caroline Dadlani Jewelry

Caroline attends to each detail in the process of making her jewelry with passion and dedication. Each item is hand-crafted and in this way completely unique. The final product is an object of wearable art that is at once exquisite and exciting, comfortable and enduring.

Her inspiration comes from extensive travel and exposure to other cultures and aesthetics. The enduring quality of the materials used in her jewelry echo her belief in the sustainability of working only with natural products that come from the earth. Her deep connection to the energy that comes from precious metals and gemstones is fundamental to her passion and creativity. Travelling from coast to coast, inspired by the natural beauty and rugged coasts of California to the turquoise waters of Florida, her jewelry is a story of experiences.


Whether passed down from one generation to the next, or given as an expression of love from one person to another, Caroline’s jewels will last forever, bringing beauty and grace into the lives of those who wear them.


Precious metals in gold and silver, hammered or hand twisted filigree, each piece reflects romance and a bohemian attitude. Caroline's jewelry is part of a world where beauty is a reflection of the wearer. Inspired by the colors of the earth - sunshine and gold, an ocean of turquoise, the red earth of a tourmaline desert - each piece becomes an organic creation made with love.

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