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The Imilia Bracelet

The Imilia Bracelet

Feminine elegance defines this beautiful polished and cut soft pink sapphires. Expertly set in 18k white gold and white diamonds with a signature Caroline Dadlani diamond encrusted toggle clasp. Shown with matching earrings and ring.

  • Gemstones

    Sapphires: These beautiful Sri-Lankan sapphire stones come in blue, yellow, black, pink, white and green colors. Each specific color has its own healing and spiritual attributes. Sapphires are known as both the “wisdom stone” and “stone of prosperity.”  

    Birthstone: September | Anniversary: 5th and 45th | Planet: Saturn | Element: Water | Type: Precious


    Gold: Gold has been called the “Master Healer” for its historical ability to transform energy and negativity. When gemstones are set in gold they are said to increase their healing powers.

  • Need more information?

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    Telephone: (+1) 305 322 4597


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